HubusCraft is finally here!!

This is the home of HubusCraft a custom MineCraft mod pack and servers.

You are welcome to download the custom launcher and try the mod packs available (they often change), but the servers are currently white listed for friends only.

Before installing the launcher make sure you have the latest verion of the 64bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, Not the Java that installs in your browser. You can find it here. Be sure to download the Windows x64 one, jre-8u192-windows-x64.exe.

Download our launcher from here (New launcher build as of 10/21/2018) and put it in a new empty directory on your PC. Create a shortcut to it and launch it. It is as simple as using FTB orTekkit mod packs with their launchers.

If you are using the HubusCraft launcher from before 10/21/2018 be sure to delete the old launcher jar any shortcut you created.


All credit for the launcher is due to sk89q for his open source SKCraft Launcher code. He is also the author of World Edit and World Guard.